Name: Mischa

2 Years Old

​Breed: Bully/Boston/Lab Mix

Approx 60lbs

Mischa Loves everyone; except cats.  She is house trained, sleeps through the night on the bed and throughly enjoys running and playing in the yard or cuddling while watching TV.  She would be a fantastic addition to any home!

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Name: Ford 

August 18, 2017

​Breed: Flat Coat Retriever Mix

​Approx 60-70lbs as Adult

​Since Ford will be a large breed, he will do best in a home with a yard and another dog.

Name: Bentley

10 Years Old

​Hi Everyone! My name is Bentley and I am a Cockapoo(cocker spaniel/poodle mix)! I am currently looking for my perfect couch companion.  I am an easy going, snuggle bug who gets along with dogs who are my size or smaller. I am 25lbs and do have cataracts but don't let that fool you as I get around just fine and have a decent amount of peripheral vision. =)  I love to love on my human friends and would be happy just sitting on your lap all day. I'm healthy, trained and very low maintenance.  If I've made you smile and you feel that I am the perfect match for your family please fill an application out, I'm excited to meet my forever family.  

Names: Dalton 

2 Months

Breed: Terrier Mix

Approx 30lbs or under as an adult

Name: Meli 

July 26, 2017

​Breed: Chocolate lab Bully Mix

​Approx 60lbs as Adult

​Meli is a very energetic pup and would do best in a home with older children. 

Name: Violet​

2 Years Old

Breed: Blue Put


​PLEASE MEET BEAUTIFUL VIOLET- A HAPPY & FRIENDLY BLUE PIT BULL WHO WOULD LOVE TO FIND HER FOREVER HOME; Violet is the sweetest dog you could ever hope to meet. This little girl is super mellow and calm. For a dog who had such a rough start, she doesn't hold any grudges. Violet was left abandoned in the streets of Miami to fend for herself. She was emaciated, starving, and just about ready to give up when someone saw this sweet girl, and called animal control and she was brought to the animal shelter. Unfortunately, the shelter was a high kill shelter, and Violet was not given much time to find a home, as the shelter was very full, and had to make room for new dogs coming in. A wonderful rescue stepped up for Violet and got her from the shelter just in time, before she was to be euthanized. We made a promise to this sweet girl that we would never be left on her own again, and that we would help her find the perfect family, one that would never abandon her again.

Violet is now totally ready to be with her forever family. She is house-trained, smart, funny, and will offer you unconditional love. She is affectionate, a little shy at first, but super playful once she gets to know you. She is already spayed, and up to date on all of her shots

Little Paws of Love, Inc.​

Name: Dallas

2 Months 

Breed: Terrier Mix

Approx 30lbs or under as an adult